Classic Military Vehicle - November 2018

£4.70 (Approx $5.86 or €5.31)



Feeding the Guns
A rare Morris Cowley open-cab van in replica World War One livery

The story of Comet tanks in Irish service during the fifties

Brace of Bedfords
A pair of beautifully restored 1940 Bedford MWs

Still Going Strong
The FWD Model B truck in WWI British Army service

Still Farm Fresh
The tale of a 1915 Daimler Y-Type British Army lorry

Sleeping Warriors
Battered Armoured Fighting Vehicles on military training areas

Called Up
The comprehensive story of the Australian Army’s Mini Mokes

Kalashnikov on Tracks
The Eastern Bloc’s mighty T-54 main battle tank


What’s new about what’s old

Military Vehicle Market
A round-up of sales, prices and bargains

Collectable Books
Two books about the experiences of Tommy Atkins

New Books
Four recent releases from military publishers

Events List
The end of 2018 and the start of 2019

Event Reports
Cotswold Airport, Victory Show, Perigueux and Scone Palace round-ups

Museum of the Month
The Western Approaches museum in Liverpool and the Battle of the Atlantic

Make Do and Mend
Mighty AEC Matadors being modified in Egypt

Echoes of War
A glimpse into New Guinea’s ‘Little Detroit’ during World War Two