Classic Military Vehicle - September 2018

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Canadian Conquerors
It has been said that Canadian Military Pattern trucks put the British Army on wheels in World War Two

Heavy Metal Weekender!
Keith Harman takes in his first Tankfest at Bovington Tank Museum

The Long Road to the Garden of England
Duncan Glen and his family had a long, but very pleasant, journey down the A1M

A German Commander’s Steyr A1500
The staff car that General Von Arnim was captured in and which has been recently restored

South Island Warrior
Steve Wilson meets Ken Powell and gets to ride his BSA WD M20

War & Peace Revival
There all week, the CMV team look at the changing nature of this behemoth of the military vehicle scene

No Common Part
Tim Gosling tells the story of the German trucks surrendered to the US Army at the end of World War One

True to Type
James Kinnear examines the history of the Soviet AT-T Heavy Artillery Tractor

By Jeep to Jo’burg
Three men and a Jeep they bought for £36 set out on a great adventure in 1961


A brief overview of key things happening of relevance to the military vehicle scene

Military Vehicle Market
Nigel Hay recaps notable vehicles being sold and the prices they are fetching

Museum of the Month
The tank collection in the Austrian Museum of Military History in Vienna

On the Shelf
A review of four books newly available in the shops or online

Collectable Books
Two older books that are worth seeking out in jumble sales or second-hand book stores

Event Calendar
A diary of the remaining military vehicle events still to come in 2018

Event Reports
Capel’s Military Vehicle Show, Glamis Castle’s Scottish Transport Extravaganza and the Church Inn at Saddleworth’s Show

May 1943: General Von Arnim being taken into captivity by British and US soldiers of the First Army

Echoes of War
Combat Electronic Warfare Intelligence - 1986