Classic Military Vehicle - July 2018

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A Commanding Presence
The Dodge WC is popular with World War Two collectors all over the world

To Catch a Tiger...
Keith Harman was at Bovington Tank Museum’s Tiger Day IX

Tankfest in the Moscow Suburbs
CMV takes a behind the scenes tour of the Museum of Russian Military History at Padikovo

Water World
The World War One lorries which kept the trenches supplied with fresh water

Desert Ghosts
Exploring the routes used by the Long Range Desert Group between 1940 and 1943 and finding abandoned Allied trucks

Taking to the Water
A special event in the Lake District for wounded veterans

Exercise Joint Warrior
Craig Allen witnessed members of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines and RAF coming together for training with other allied nations

D-Day Commemorations
John Carroll returns to the beaches of Normandy, 74 years after the D-Day landings


Letters, news and views across all aspects of the military vehicle scene

Military Vehicle Market
Nigel Hay updates us on what is happening in the marketplace

On the Shelf
Four recently published books are read and reviewed

Collectable Books
Two books that should grace any collection – if you can find them

Museum of the Month
Tanks and Tapestries at the Bayeux Museum of the Battle of Normandy

Event Calendar
Halfway through 2018 but there are still many varied events to look forward to

Event Reports
This month we feature a memorial at RAF Deenethorpe, War Wheels at Foxfield’s Railway near Stoke on Trent, the Overlord Show and Gaydon Land Rover Show

1944 D-Day. LCT 610 at Gosport, June 3, 1944, embarking conventional Sherman tanks of the 13th/18th Hussars, 27th Armoured Brigade

Echoes of War
Isigny-sur-Mer, Normandy, France, 1944