Classic Military Vehicle - April 2018

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Three’s a Crowd
Diamond T Dump Trucks – Three Model 972A Tippers from WWII

Revisiting Times Past
Jim Kinnear visited the Soviet Vehicle Production Exhibition in Russia

Next Stop: No Man’s Land
London buses were requisitioned and sent to the front to transport troops during World War One

Perentie Part 2 – Six Wheels On My Wagon
The Perentie Story Continues – developing the 6x6 Land Rover

Semovente Serio
Eric Bryan looks at the fearsome Italian 75/18 self-propelled gun of World War Two

Taking On The Tanks
David Fletcher outlines the history of the M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer

Douglas Gets His Jeep
A long-held ambition to own a Willys Jeep was realised when this 1942 model was bought

Iraq part 2 - Restoring Order
Ex-para Craig Allen continues his account of the time he spent in Iraq during the war.


Plenty of letters, more detail on some upcoming events and a round-up of recent industry news

Military Vehicle Market
How much? Nigel Hay talks us through the market

On the Shelf
We read a selection of newly released titles to give you a summary

Museum of the Month
The newly opened Royal Tank Museum of Jordan

Collectable Books
Looking at two books from the past

Event Calendar
The full year ahead will return next month, but in this issue we’ve only room for the next few months

Event – Perigueux ‘Vintage Days’ Military Camp
David Garden has an enjoyable time at an event in south-western France

“Stay out of old ruts - make new ones,” The [US] Fifth Army advises

Echoes of War
1962. Mehrzweck Universal Geländewagen mit Allradantrieb