Classic Military Vehicle - March 2018

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Better Late Than Never
In 1940 the race was on to produce a four-wheel-drive vehicle for the US Army. John Carroll examines the contenders

Fighting with Ferdinands
The Type 130, adapted from Porsche’s Tiger tank prototype, went straight from the factory to the toughest tank battle of World War Two

The Ammunition Train
Tracing the history of World War One trucks used to carry ammunition to the front

Project Perentie
Part one of a comprehensive study; Craig Watson looks at the history and 4 x 4 variant of Perentie Land Rovers

Small but deadly
An account of the Ontos light self-propelled anti-tank gun used in combat during the Vietnam War

Painting By Numbers
Painting a camouflage pattern on a military vehicle requires a lot of preparation to achieve good results

From Weapons to Wheels
The Birmingham Small Arms Company was awarded a contract to supply the military with motorbikes during World War Two

Basra to Baghdad
Ex-para Craig Allen recounts his time as a media officer during the war in Iraq


Summarising news across our hobby, and letters received

Military Vehicle Market
Nigel Hay looks at how the market is shaping up this month

Museum of the Month
Coinciding with the release of the film The Darkest Hour, we visit Churchill’s War Rooms, Westminster, London

On the Shelf
Four newly-released books reviewed

Collectable Books
Two rare or unusual books from yesteryear

Event Calendar
2018 is jam-packed with military vehicle events and gatherings

Event Reviews
The Bicester Heritage January ‘Scramble’ and the IMPS Frostbite Run in Kent

‘The Yanks in the ETO. The Jerries really messed up bridges when they retreated’

Echoes of War
1963 Bloody Christmas - Cyprus