Classic Military Vehicle - February 2018

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The Burma Jeep
Vicky Turner examines the history of the Ford GTB-622 1.5 Ton Cargo Truck

Event Reviews
The Frost Bite Run, Church Inn in Uppermill, near Oldham and the Yorkshire Military Vehicle Trust’s Winter Run

Radios and Rifles
A 1970s FFR Lightweight recreated as it would have been in Northern Ireland during The Troubles

Autocars at Amiens
Looking at the history of a unit of World War One armoured trucks paid for by public subscription

Winter Weasel
David Bentley couldn’t wait to try out his newly-bought M29 Studebaker Weasel when snow fell on the Pennines

Years Ahead of its Time
The Standard Jungle Airborne Buggy (JAB) pre-dated the Japanese ATV revolution by 35 years but never made it into production

Overland by Bluebird
The Burchell family travelled from Manchester to Africa in a WC26 Carryall in 1948

Early Franco Heavy Metal
Eric Bryan looks at the history of the Saint-Chamond World War One tank

Uncle Joe’s ‘Little Swallow’
Thousands of T-34 tanks were produced but there are very few working examples still around

Battle Bus
A replica Red Baron M54 5 Ton gun truck recalls lethal encounters along Vietnam’s ‘Ambush Alley’


A round-up of news and readers’ letters

Military Vehicle Market
Nigel Hay reflects on recent market moves

On the Shelf
Reviewing four of the most recent titles released

Collectable Books
Rare and unusual books to seek out

Museum of the Month
Dunkirk ‘Operation Dynamo’ Museum and its mystery engine

Event Calendar
Upcoming events to diarise and where to find more information

‘Bucking the Mud on the Italian Front’

Echoes of War
1942: GPA Trials, the amphibious variant of the GPW