Classic Military Vehicle - January 2018

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JCB and the Norfolk Tank Museum build a replica World War One tank for Channel 4

Event Reviews
A day at Brookland’s racetrack, spending time with the Heatons Bridge Military Vehicle Group and celebrating Eindhoven’s liberation

Porsche’s Masterpiece
During World War Two the Porsche team designed the amphibious Schwimmwagen

End of Days
The Last Soviet Red Square Military Parade took place in 1990

Unapproachable Norton
The Norton 16H proved itself as a capable despatch rider’s machine

Prime Mover
The Holt tractor was part of the US government’s bid to motorise their artillery during World War One

Lean, Mean Camping Machine
Tony Burke has created an innovative camper out of an RB44 army truck

The American Military Vehicle Preservation Association staged an event along Route 66

Champion fun; many a happy weekend playing with Land Rovers and an Austin Champ

Wheels of Steel
Licensed from Rover, Minerva’s steel-bodied version of their Series One served with the Belgian Army


Letters written, views aired, news and products

Military Vehicle Market
What has been happening lately in the military vehicle market

Collectable Books
Two books you might want to look out on the second-hand shelves

On the Shelf
We review four new releases in our genre

Museum of the Month
Bastogne Barracks Museum under the spotlight

Event Calendar
2018 looks set to be a busy year with a calendar full of military vehicle events

The ‘Iron Coffin’, a cynically nicknamed M551 Sheridan AR/AAV

Echoes of War
1945: Crossing the Rhine – The Battle of the Bulge