Classic Military Vehicle - December 2017

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Fighting Fit
Plymouth-based Tony Ashford’s Austin Champ restoration journey has been a circuitous one

Event Reviews
Wimpole at War, the Victory Show, War on the Holme Front, the Overland Show, RAF Burtonwood and Pas-de-Calais Libere, Souchez

Dump Trucks
Secondhand civilian pickups are part of the war on terror and coming to a military show near you

A Brother in Arms
Veteran dispatch rider Lewis Banham sits astride a BSA M20 motorcycle after 73 years

Worthwhile Subsidy
The history of Leyland, one of Britain’s best known commercial vehicle manufacturers

To Arnhem By Truck
Duncan Glen and friends take part in the commemoration of Operation Market Garden

The Green Fields of France
A sombre safari to the Somme battlefields with the Lightweight Land Rover Club

A Herculean Task
A Vickers-Armstrong Mk IV underwent a full restoration by Armoured Engineering


A brief look at occurrences in the military vehicle world, and letters

Military Vehicle Market
Nigel Hay imparts his expertise on this month’s market

On the Shelf
With Christmas around the corner we review some new books you might be pleased to find in your stocking

Collectable Books
Looking at some unusual or older books worth keeping an eye out for

Museum of the Month
Taking in the sights of the Netherlands’ National Military Museum

Event Calendar
Taking a look ahead to the events already being planned for 2018

The US Dodge WC55 Truck 

Echoes of War
50 years after British Crown Forces withdrew from Aden