Classic Military Vehicle - November 2017

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Little and Large
A Scammell Pioneer and a Bedford OXD are seen restored and running in West Yorkshire

Event Reviews
Mount Edgcumbe At War, the NEMVC rally at Ryhope Engine Museum, the Great Dorset Steam Fair and Tanks, Trucks and Firepower at Dunchurch

Tanks In The Trenches
The story of the part played by the Mk IV tank during the Battle of Cambrai

Waterborne invasion
Tracing the history of amphibious tractors used extensively in the Vietnam War

Full Metal Jacket
Dan Child restored this Vietnam War-era 1966 Ford M151A1

On Campaign with the Otter in Vietnam
The Otter’s abilities made it ideal for service in Vietnam

An Otter is Born
The amphibious Otter proved invaluable, despite its vulnerability to attack

Braving Vietnam’s Roads
Looking at the trucks which took the bulk of the heavy transport during the war

Operation Market Garden Commemorated
Three CMV contributors were at this year’s Arnhem Commemoration, each with a story to tell


Letters, news and views

Event Calendar
Making sure you don’t miss the best of the late season’s events and activities

Military Vehicle Market
Nigel Hay’s monthly round-up of vehicles available to be bought

On the Shelf
With autumn nearly upon us, is now the time for some new books to get stuck into? We review four new military books

Collectable Books
Collectable or older books that are worth seeking out

Museum of the Month
Soviet Military Museum, Chisinău, Moldova

South Vietnamese Force troops, backed by a US Army tank [M48A3] advance on hidden North Vietnamese Army positions

Echoes of War
1968: Operation Liberty Canyon