Classic Military Vehicle - July 2017

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Life in the Old Dog Yet
A young cavalryman rescues a sadly neglected Daimler Dingo

Ahead of Their Time
Commer lorries and their innovative pre-selector gearboxes were a hit with World War One troops

Rattle and Hum
Test driving the Quarter-ton 4x4 truck - Willys Overland Model MB and Ford Model GPW

Small but perfectly formed
Eric Bryan looks at the Carden-Loyd Tankette, a British design that went worldwide

Can-Do Can-Am
A Canadian built Can-Am motorcycle that followed the BSA B40 is still a capable off-road performer

An American Icon
Dutch MD/M38A1 Jeeps are a fairly common sight in Britain, but Simon Bromley’s was made in America

Dogs of War
The despatch rider or ‘Dog Roger’ was a crucial part of the British Army during World War Two


News & Letters
A brief round-up of military vehicle news from across the globe plus correspondence we’ve received

Military Vehicle Market
Looking at what is available to buy, the location and price

Collectable Kit
Another fine mess - haute cuisine the British Army way

Calendar Listings
Supporting event organisers and helping you decide what events to attend this year

Collectable Books
Two collectable books read and reviewed

On the Shelf
Highlighting four military books of interest

Museum of the Month
Going Down Under - Exploring the Australian Armour and Artillery Museum, Cairns

Transport in Port Stanley shortly after the Argentine surrender

Echoes of War
Disbanding an Army following the surrender of Argentina in the Falklands War


Dutch Liberation Day
Chris Cookson on parade with the liberation day convoy; ‘Het Gooi Bevrijd’

Down Under at Avalon
Gordon Arthur spent a day at the Avalon Air Show spotting military vehicles

Rite of Spring
Yorkshire Military Vehicle Trust emerges from hibernation with its annual Crank Up

Fine Start to the Show Season
Thousands, including CMV photographer Garry Stuart, flocked to Southport for the Leisure Lakes Steam and Vintage Vehicle Rally

Haworth’s Heroes
Louise Limb enjoyed a chance to see genuine vehicles from World War Two at Haworth’s 1940s weekend