Classic Military Vehicle - June 2017

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A Tale of Three Ts
CMV visits Chicago’s Diamond T Company which produced two of the foremost heavy vehicles used by the Allies

East Meets West
Jawa’s eastern Bloc motorcycle became the preferred ride for the Swedish Army in the 1960s

‘A Goddamn Truck’
Tim Gosling finds out why the Canadian Army were rude about the Kelly Springfield truck

From The Farm to The Front
James Kinnear examines the role the Russian STZ-5 artillery tractor played during World War Two

Military Precision
John G Teasdale delves into the discipline behind the German Army’s motorised troops

The Tanks, The Terror, The Truth
The Tank Museum launches an exhibition that brings every member of the Tiger Tank family together in one display

Dogs of War
When the MoD placed their order with Land Rover, the Wolf that looked like a Defender was no tame replacement for a Ninety or One Ten

A summary of items of interest in the Classic Military Vehicle sphere, and contributions from our readership

Military Vehicle Market
Looking at what is available to buy, where it is and at what price it is up for sale

On the Shelf
Reviewing four military books

Collectable Books
Old and new collectable books appraised

Museum of the Month
Exploring the revamped Tank Museum at Bovington

Calendar Listings
Making sure you don’t miss out on this year’s happenings

The military Land Rover pictured is a 300 Tdi-powered, hard-top 110 with 24-volt electrics

Collectable Kit
Looking at the personal effects carried by US Army personnel and what it tells us of the economy of the time

Echoes of War
“Technical Sergeant George S. Yandell of Jackson, Tennessee, blazes away with his machine gun mounted on a Jeep. The Germans are in the field sniping.”