Classic Military Vehicle - May 2017

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Bucket List
Matthew Hallett always felt that his collection lacked a T82 Kȕbelwagen; he can now finally tick it off the list

Beaches, Bedfords and Bravery
Vicky Turner meets veteran David Teacher, and learns how the Bedford QL earned its place in his heart as well as in D-Day history

The Volkswagen Goes to War
Exploring why the Type 82 ‘Kübelwagen’, known as one of World War Two’s most successful light vehicles, initially struggled to be accepted by the German military

Gallic Charm
Tim Gosling is invited along to see a family-owned, ex-army Fiat F15 TER that served in both world wars

Military Moped
Vicious Vespa? An unlikely tank destroyer proves victorious in Vietnam

Day Trip to Kursk
James Kinnear took a 1300km road trip to visit one of the most famous battlefields of World War Two

French Protection
Sheldon Rogers traces the development of the Panhard 178 from its inception as a 1905 unarmed reconnaissance vehicle

Scouting for boys
John Norris gets reacquainted with the owner of a beautifully restored White M3A1 Scout Car with the markings of the British 6th Airborne during Operation Varsity in March 1945

A round-up of what has happened and what is happening in the military vehicle world

Calendar Listings
Casting our eyes ahead to upcoming events and dates for the diary. We’ll see you at many of them

Military Vehicle Market
Looking at what is available to buy, where and for how much

On the Shelf
Reviewing four military books

Collectable Books
Old and new collectable books appraised

Museum of the Month
The National Army Museum, Chelsea

Echoes of war
Archive photography of military vehicles. This month 1961

A chance to win a copy of ‘The Tank Book’ – we have ten copies to give away