Classic Military Vehicle - April 2017

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Garage Finds
Tobin Jones, veteran restorer, went to view a Bedford MW, but ended up with a FAT Guy

Armstrong MT500
After years of being dismissed as a ‘Hack’ has it now achieved ‘Classic’ status?

Krupp-Geländewagen L2H43
The 6x4 Krupp Snout in the centrespread

Motown to Moscow
With little mass vehicle production experience, the USSR tried to manufacture, like the Ford Motor Company, a motor like the Willys Jeep

Not Simply Child’s Play
Surprising revelations of the contribution a hi-tech gaming company is making to the preservation of history

Lumbering up the lines
The men and machines that supplied timber to the front in World War One

Playing it Safe
James Kinnear scrutinises the short but distinguished combat career of the Russian BA-10

Storm Force
A 1989 Land Rover 110 Hi-Cap pick-up is a replica of the SAS Desert Patrol Vehicles which gave valuable service in the 1991 Gulf War

A round-up of news and interesting items to catch our eye about military vehicles old and new, plus our monthly pub visit reviewed

Military Vehicle Market
What’s selling where and when and for how much

On the Shelf
Four new military vehicle books reviewed

Collectable Books
Collectable books, old and new, reviewed

Collectable Kit
Part two - North Africa to Berlin. How the Jerrycan helped the allies win the war

Calendar Listings
Month by month events to visit or be involved in, and where to find further information

Museum of the Month
North East Land Sea and Air Museum, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Echoes of war
Looking into military vehicles through an archive photograph. This month 1956, Suez Crisis

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