Classic Military Vehicle - March 2017

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French Connection
A 1946 Citroen Type 23 R lorry restored and resuscitated in Holland and finished in German colours

Trail Blazer
Stridsvagn 103C, the Swedish tank which blazed a trail that no one followed

Testing Times
1988: Supacat, Hummer and Esarco put through their paces in Singapore in military trials

Shrouded in Secrecy
The Russian SU-122-54 tank was kept in the shadows during the Cold War. We pull the curtains back

Awash on the Rhine
American war surplus lorries were flooded after the First World War, ahead of flooding the market

Pert Pony
A 1967 BSA B40 WD provides a classic motorcycle enthusiast with economy, reliability and practicality

Young Guns
The twists and turns in the story of the World War Two German le FH 18 105mm gun

Three’s a Crowd
In Yorkshire, one man’s enthusiasm for the Lightweight Land Rover means he has used parts from three vehicles to restore this 1969 IIA version

A round-up of news about military vehicles old and new and our monthly pub visit reviewed

Military Vehicle Market
What’s selling where and when and for how much

Collectable Kit
Fuel for thought in our new regular feature. How the Jerrycan helped the allies win the war

On the Shelf
Four new military books reviewed

Collectable Books
Collectable books, old and new, reviewed

Museum of the Month
International Edition; this month we feature overseas museums in Crete, Sweden and Virginia, USA

The 1941 Albion BY5 6x4 lorry for carrying folding boats

Echoes of War
Looking into military vehicles through an archive photograph. This month; Korea, 1952

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