Classic Military Vehicle - February 2017

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The Fighting Matchless
Military motorcycles from the famous Plumstead, London factory

From Fields to War
The makeshift Soviet KhT-16 Armoured Tractor and its role in World War Two

Fitting Tribute
Military vehicles at the annual Operation Market Garden commemoration in Arnhem, Holland

Doing It Right
The World War One Driving Manual for British ASC drivers. It didn’t always go according to plan

Ford Woody
A Ford C11 ADF made in Canada in 1941 and restored in England over a long period

It Ain’t Half Hot Mum
Testing light six-wheeler lorries in India during the 1930s

Patriot Park
Visiting the expansive Cold War-era armoured vehicle theme park in Kubinka, Russia

Post-war French Armour
A glimpse at the widely exported AMX-13 tank

Ride of the Reivers
This history of a long-running military vehicle event in Northumberland

A round-up of news about military vehicles old and new and the new, monthly CMV pub recommendation

Military Vehicle Market
What’s selling where and when and for how much

On the Shelf
New regular content; four new book reviews

Collectable Books
Collectable books - old and new – reviewed

2017 is going to be a busy year for military vehicle enthusiasts

Event Report
Mudmaster 2016 - the British Army Motoring Association’s annual off-road driving event

Museum of the Month
A new regular slot; Tacla Taid at Newborough on Anglesey

Echoes of War
Looking into military vehicles through an archive photograph