Combat Aircraft - September 2010

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World News

F-15SE Silent Eagle demonstrator flies  AgustaWestland reveals AW101 ASaC plans  France declares Rafale operational in nuclear role  New stealthy Super Hornet revealed  UK unveils Taranis UCAV

PLUS! Special reports on the Farnborough International Air Show, the Royal International Air Tattoo and the international debut of Hawker Beechcraft's AT-6B

Front Line
Our hard-hitting regular column by Robert F. Dorr
Boeing targets world market
Jamie Hunter reports from St Louis and MCAS New River as Boeing details the current status of its military programs and its approach to current markets

Brothers in Arms
It has long been recognized that the key to stabilizing the situation in Afghanistan is to help the Afghan people to help themselves. Neil Dunridge reveals the development of the fledgling Afghan National Army Air Force
Valuable Vipers
The Air National Guard Air Force Reserve Command Test Center (AATC) specializes in validating improvements for the oldest F-16s in the US inventory. Robert F. Dorr details the work of this fascinating unit, with stunning exclusive photographs by James Haseltine
Syria's Secret Air Arm
The Syrian AF is without doubt one of the most secretive air arms in the world. This world exclusive report from Marco Dijkshoorn reveals the status of this clandestine force
Battlefield Paramedics
Current conflicts are seeing a shift from the established combat search and rescue mission to that of Personnel Recovery, bringing a range of new challenges. David Axe joins the Pave Hawk helicopters of the 56th Expeditionary Rescue Squadron in Afghanistan
The Bridge to Combat
The USAF's Air Mobility Command is sustaining an incredible airlift effort to keep supplies and forces streaming in and out of Afghanistan, as David Axe reports
Russia's Aerial Shield

Despite appearances, the impressive MiG-31 is more than just a throwback to the Cold War. Anatoliy Shevchenko describes the MiG-31 of today as an interceptor without direct equal
A Navy `Shooter'

Frank Toenders and Joost van der Burgt visit the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and experience one of the most dangerous, hectic and exciting aviation jobs in the world: that of the `Shooter'
`Maple Flag' 2010

Cold Lake in northern Alberta is the home of `Maple Flag'. Neil Pearson gets amongst the action as almost 1,800 personnel from 10 nations descend on Canada's largest fighter base

Our regular interactive feature with product reviews and competitions

Chariots of Fire

The Antonov An-2 has made an unexpected, but welcome, comeback for the Polish AF. Maciej Stanecki explains the reasons behind the venerable biplane's return