Combat Aircraft - July 2010

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World News
US Navy agrees Super Hornet multi-year deal  Jordan signs for AH-6i  RAF Meteor missile trials  Presidential helicopter latest  C-295 launches torpedo

PLUS! A special report on the SOFEX exhibition and Finland's Hawk upgrades

Front Line
Our hard-hitting regular column by Robert F. Dorr

Drug-busting Night Wolves
Ted Carlson/Fotodynamics reports on the US Navy's only dedicated counter-narcotics squadron, VAW-77 `Night Wolves'

Russia's Victory DayCombat Aircraft takes a front-row seat for the Russian military parade on May 9. Stefan Bttner and Alexander Golz provide coverage of the truly superlative Russian military spectacle

Baltimore Hawgs at war
In early 2010 the 104th Fighter Squadron became the first Air National Guard unit to deploy to Kandahar Airfield, the new home of the A-10 in Operation `Enduring Freedom'. Neil Dunridge provides an exclusive insight into the unit's operations over Afghanistan

Cleared Hot!
Following on from our A-10 combat operations coverage, David Axe reportd from the front line on the work of the Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs)

Red Arrows
Having suffered a setback in the form of a collision earlier this year, Jamie Hunter reports from RAF Akrotiri as the RAF Aerobatic Team gets back to full strength and prepares for the 2010 airshow season

Goodbye Gator
After a long and distinguished career, the USAF is bidding farewell to the T-43A as Jamie Hunter reports, with exclusive images by Maj Steve Snow

Skoshi Tiger
One of the lesser-known participants in the US air war in South-east Asia was the F-5A Freedom Fighter, deployed on an experimental basis under the `Skoshi Tiger' project in the mid-1960s. The nimble F-5 packed an impressive punch for its size, and far exceeded expectations as Warren E. Thompson discovers

Kiwi Seasprites
Luigino Caliaro reports from No 6 Squadron of the Royal New Zealand AF, a unit responsible for the aviation component of the Royal New Zealand Navy, providing ship's flights from its small fleet of multi-role SH-2G Seasprite helicopters.

Eyes in the sky
With the focus of air warfare increasingly on the support of ground troops, the targeting pod is evolving as Peter Donaldson explains

Our regular interactive feature with product reviews and competitions

The Dragon's Wings
In the second part of our exclusive feature, Andreas Rupprecht details the fighter-bombers of the People's Liberation Army