Combat Aircraft - June 2010

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World News
Boeing offers Super Hornet multi-year deal to US Navy  RAF intercepts `Blackjacks'  Second A400M flies  Volcanic ash cripples European aviation  RAAF Super Hornets delivered

PLUS! A special report on the retirement of the RAF Nimrod MR2

Front Line
Our hard-hitting regular column by Robert F. Dorr

New Look for the Russian AF
Stefan Bttner describes the changes in Russian AF force structure in this exclusive briefing, with stunning new photography

The Sharks of Bushehr
Phantoms with sharkmouths always deserve attention. Tom Cooper, Babak T. and Liam F. Devlin reveal the operations of the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF) F-4Es based at Bushehr and exclusive images show the Phantom's new teeth

Lancer Force
The B-1B Lancer has played a valuable and changing part in combat operations in recent years. Robert F. Dorr reveals the operational experiences of the USAF `Bone' crews

The Dragon's Wings
In the first of a two-part feature, Chinese air power expert Andreas Rupprecht exclusively reveals the fighters of the People's Liberation Army Air Force

USS Nassau Air Combat Element
Gert Kromhout reports from the USS Nassau and details the role of the US Marine Corps' 24th Expeditionary Unit.

Counter-Invaders in Vietnam
The Invader was one of the first US combat aircraft dispatched to South-east Asia. Warren E. Thompson reveals the work of these counterinsurgency experts in the heat of battle

Denmark's Fighter Equation
Denmark is in a similar situation to many other European air arms. Nico van Remmerden and Michael van der Mee look at the current Royal Danish AF F-16 operations. Jamie Hunter and Robert Hewson examine future fighter options for the nation

Our regular interactive feature with product reviews and competitions

Japan's Sea Monsters
The Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force's mighty ShinMaywa US-1A and US-2 amphibians are amongst the most impressive of the indigenous types operated by this fascinating air arm. David Halford and Richard Cooper visit Iwakuni to report exclusively on these long-serving rescue flying boats