Classic Aircraft - June 2010

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Skyhawk Reborn
Just how do you turn a standard A-4L Skyhawk into an airworthy two-seat TA-4J? We bring you exclusive photos as this impressive rebuild takes to the air

The Wallbro — 100 years on
It runs in the family… famed autogyro builder and pilot Wg Cdr Ken Wallis relates the history of the Wallbro Monoplane, the revolutionary aircraft built by his father 100 years ago

Battle of BritaIn 70TH anniversary: Heroes of Poland
The vital role played by Polish AF pilots during the air war of 1940 is well documented, but the battles fought by these highly-experienced airmen were not always in the air

1940 month by month
Continuing our chronology of the momentous events of 1940

Gone but not forgotten… Railway Air Services
Trains, ’planes and automobiles. How Britain’s railway companies helped shape today’s airline industry

By Royal appointment
Reviewing the reviews. Seventy-five years ago, the first Royal Review of the RAF took place. Since then there have been just four more, with each reflecting the changing face of the service

What might have been? America’s Pusher fighters
The ungainly trio of XP-54, XP-55 and XP-56 — the pusher-prop fighters that World War Two didn’t need

Vive la Ferté
How could you not be seduced by the heady mix of classic aircraft, French flair and generous hospitality? Aircraft celebrates 40 years of the much-loved Meeting Aérien at La Ferté Alais

Cold War ‘Hogs’
Getting the low-down on what life was like flying the A-10 Thunderbolt II with the USAF’s 81st Tactical Fighter Wing

Flight Bag
Aircraft reviews the latest aviation-related products for the discerning enthusiast

The latest from the international display scene

Your essential, fully-updated airshow planner