Britain at War - August 2019

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Reputations: Earl Mountbatten Of Burma;Part One
In part one of this fascinating examination of the famous royal’s military career, Joshua M Casper explores the early wartime roles of Louis Mountbatten, an innovator, statesman, and hero on two fronts.

Daylight Disaster
Sean Feast details feats of heroic endeavour when, during a daylight raid on Cologne in December 1944, nearly one third of the attacking Lancasters were downed.

Thunderbirds Over Berlin
Andrew Thomas recounts the valiant but costly efforts of RCAF stalwart, 426 Squadron – the ‘Thunderbirds’ – as their round-engine Lancasters were taken on multiple runs to the German capital.

World War Two’s Finest Bomber?
Felix Rowe explains why he considers the Avro Lancaster to be the ‘best in show’

Hell En Route To The Holy Land
It was supposed to be a quick victory – and almost was. The assault on Gaza on April 19, 1917, ended as the blackest day in the history of the Norfolk Regiment. Steve Snelling charts the blundering and chaotic attack.

Absent Friends?
An at-a-glance look at a Normandy order of battle suggests the suspicious absence of a major Allied power – Australia. However, as Lachlan Grant explains, Australia had its role to play in D-Day and the campaign in Northwest Europe.

We report on The Tank Museum's signiture annual show, which this year had an incredible and varied array of armoured vehicles


Lord Ashcroft recounts the story of a rare inter-war award of the VC that came about not long after a Salvation Army Lieutenant-Colonel based in India joined the British Army.


Royal Navy in Action
HMS Montrose steps in to prevent a possible takeover of an Isle of Man registered ship in the Persian Gulf.

London’s Story
A new display is set to show how the London tube network was used during the Blitz.

Submarine Tribute
A special parade has been held to mark 50 years of the Royal Navy’s Continuous At Sea Deterrent (CASD) duties. We report from the commemorations at HM Naval Base Clyde (Faslane) in Argyll and Bute.


Image of War
Our first glimpse of the past reaches back to 1950, as British troops are rushed to Korea on a familiar vessel.

Decisive Action
James Hoare details the key role of British 8th Division at the Second Battle of Villers-Bretonneux, a victory otherwise famously associated with Australian forces.

Weapons of War: HMS Ark Royal (91)
The wartime and Royal Navy icon, HMS Ark Royal, is profiled by Felix Rowe.

Readers’ letters, questions and views.

Image of War
The Royal Navy’s HMS Iron Duke is the star of this dramatic image as the frigate lets loose one of her powerful missiles.

Militaria Collecting
Austin J Ruddy presents a selection of wartime propaganda leaflets air-dropped on Britain by the Luftwaffe, including a rare example that – incredibly – was delivered by V1 flying bomb.

Museums: Local Valour
Danielle Crozier profiles the museum dedicated to the Staffordshire Regiment, a unit with a long and proud fighting heritage.

Recon Report
The Britain at War team scouts out the latest books and items of interest, presenting the ‘book of the month’, a new title on the Battle of Arnhem.