Britain at War - June 2019

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From Dunkirk to D-Day
John Ash explores the history of the 13th/18th Hussars, evicted from Dunkirk in 1940 but, as an armoured vanguard, spearheaded the Normandy Invasion using innovative amphibious tanks.

‘One Never Really Expected a Tank to Float’
Major-General Stuart Watson CBE, the 13th/18th Hussars Regimental Signals Officer on D-Day, talks exclusively to James Hoare.

Safety in Numbers
Felix Rowe comments on the vital Cold War bastion and long-standing global alliance that is NATO and turned 70 this year.

Britain’s Stealthy Secret
The RAF’s clandestine involvement with the American U-2 spy plane during the tense height of the Cold War is exposed by Kevin Wright.

Fallen Eagle
Clive Sharples tells the story behind an unusual memorial in West Sussex – dedicated to a Luftwaffe bomber pilot.


Company Sergeant Major Martin Doyle, VC, MM
Lord Ashcroft presents the controversial story of Martin Doyle and raises an important question on the VC awardee’s commemoration.


Image of War
A future British Army multi-role vehicle is put through its paces on cold weather ranges in Sweden.

Image of War
The last British destroyer of its type, indeed, the last of its era, passes by an iconic London landmark.

Recon Report
The Britain at War team scrutinises the latest books and products of interest and presents our Book of the Month, a new title highlighting Bletchley Park’s role on D-Day.

Weapons of War: The Westland Wessex
Felix Rowe studies a Cold War multi-role stalwart, the Westland Wessex, a versatile helicopter with antisubmarine warfare and search and rescue among its important roles.

Readers’ letters, questions and views.

Museums: Bridge to D-Day
Mark Worthington checks out the Memorial Pegasus centre, one of Normandy’s most significant museums.

Militaria Collecting
Austin J Ruddy examines wartime song sheets, all but extinct today but central to home entertainment during the 1940s.


Normandy, June 6, 1944
Mapping out the battlefront.

First into Battle
Airborne troops behind enemy lines.

How strong were German forces in northern France?

A Veteran’s Story
An exclusive interview with D-Day hero, Jim Radford.

D-Day VC
The bravery of Company Sergeant Major Stan Hollis.

Eyes over Normandy
Reconnaissance Spitfires over the beaches.

Monty’s Finest Hour
A look back at General Bernard Montgomery’s role on D-Day.