Britain at War - May 2019

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Bomber Command’s First Victoria Cross
A 49 Squadron hero is profiled by Graham Pitchfork as one determined Hampden pilot risked all to complete his bomb run.

Woodford Wonders
Terry Barnes and Britain at War editor, Nigel Price, visit a fine institution dedicated to the iconic aircraft producer, Avro.

Hell, In A Very Small Place
Dr Bernd Horn details the action as one Canadian battalion drops over the Rhine during the largest single airborne operation in history, Operation Varsity.

Commemorating D-Day
The National Army Museum’s Ian Maine details the story behind a number of historic items the museum is using to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

Fighting to the Finish
A century after a Merchant Navy captain was posthumously honoured with the nation’s highest military award, Steve Snelling charts the story of a remarkable sea fight described as ‘a duel as gallant as naval history can relate’.

Amiens Jail Raid - 75 Years On
In our special report, Austin J Ruddy visits the famous French city that was the backdrop for one of the Second World War’s most daring raids.

Lost No More
The tragic story of four RAF airmen killed on the ground near Essen is investigated by Sean Feast in this intriguing, but shocking, murder mystery.

Guardians of the Estuary
Today a familiar sight to those living along the North Kent and South Essex coasts, the network of forts situated in the Thames Estuary had an important wartime role, as Felix Rowe relates.


Sergeant George Monk MM
Lord Ashcroft details the masterful ambush set and sprung by this little-known special forces' hero during the post-war Malayan Emergency.


Brooklands Update
An exhibition marking two pioneering transatlantic crossings has opened at the Brooklands Museum.

Missing No More
The identities of seven soldiers killed in July 1916 have recently been discovered.

D-Day Display for Army Museum
The Chelsea-based National Army Museum has installed a Mark II Universal Carrier into its foyer area as part of its D-Day and Normandy campaign tribute.


Image of War
One of the Royal Navy’s last cruisers provides the eye-catching subject for our first Image of War.

Decisive Action, No.3: Paardeberg
James Hoare examines the bloody battle of Paardeberg, the last conventional engagement of the Second Boer War that also heralded the start of Canada’s involvement in major overseas campaigns.

Recon Report
The Britain at War team scrutinises the latest books and products of interest, including our Book of the Month, a captivating and unique account of British involvement in the Russian Civil War.

Weapons of War: QF 3.7in HAA Gun
Historian Richard Doherty charts the history of Britain’s premier anti-aircraft gun, the QF 3.7in, arguably one of the best guns of its class during the Second World War.

Image of War
London Calling! Our second Image of War takes us back to 1940 Whitehall, as soldiers construct defences around a critical government facility.

Militaria Collecting
Austin J Ruddy delves into the world of ARP publications and reveals why some of the unofficial items are so fascinating and a worthy addition to any growing collection.