Britain at War - April 2019

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One-Man Army
Steve Snelling tells how one British soldier became an improbable hero following his desperate and stalwart defence in a VC-earning action in Burma.

Hurricane Top Gun
Graham Pitchfork examines the combat career and premature death of New Zealand master pilot, ‘Cobber’ Kain, hero of the Battle of France and the RAF’s first ‘ace’ of the Second World War.

CAM Hurricanes
The pressing necessity to protect convoys from prowling Luftwaffe Condors led to an innovative solution. Andrew Thomas looks at the rocket-launched Hurricanes catapulted from merchant ships to meet the threat.

Master submariner, hard taskmaster and innovative commander Admiral Sir Max Horton developed revolutionary measures and processes to ensure overall victory in the Second World War. Allan George examines Horton’s career and vital contribution to the war effort.

Sharing the Secret
We delve in to the shadowy world of intelligence gathering and uncover some of the hidden gems revealed by Bedfordshire's Military Intelligence Museum.

Policing the Border
The value of RAF helicopters in policing the border between Northern Ireland and the neighbouring Republic during the 1960s is described by William David.

The Storming of Monte Cassino
Operation Diadem finally, after the fourth attempt, dislodged the tenacious German defenders from the slopes of Monte Cassino and the ruined abbey. Richard Doherty examines how British XIII Corps broke the deadlock.

A Proud Heritage
Robin Whitlock explores some of Somerset’s rich aviation heritage with a focus on RAF Weston-super-Mare’s role in wartime.


Sergeant Major Peter Wright VC
Lord Ashcroft profiles the award of the sole Victoria Cross bestowed on a combatant of the Salerno landings, which was uniquely upgraded on the insistence of the King.


3RGR to Re-form
The MOD confirms the reformation of 3rd Battalion, Royal Gurkha Rifles.

RCAF Retires Last Sea King
Royal Canadian Air Force Sea King retires after 55 years of exemplary service.

Warspite Name Revived
The Defence Secretary reveals the return of an iconic Royal Navy warship name, as one of its future Dreadnought-class nuclear submarines will be named HMS Warspite.


Image of War
Our photographic snapshot goes back to the early days of the First World War, amid the dying throws of a mighty battleship and the start of a lengthy cover-up.

Readers’ letters, questions and views.

Recon Report
The Britain at War team scrutinises the latest books and products of interest, and presents our Book of the Month, a stunning title all the way from Australia.

Weapons of War: The Cromwell
Dick Taylor explores the troubled development of the A27 Cromwell Cruiser tank and how, despite various problems, it became one of the most successful Allied tanks of the war.

Image of War
Our second glimpse into history illustrates the ‘Junglie’ Commando Sea King, a Royal Marine workhorse, in Basra.

Militaria Collecting
Churchilliana is our theme this month, as Austin J Ruddy discusses an array of collectables associated with a giant of British history, wartime leader Winston Churchill.