Britain at War - November 2018

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From First to Last
The RAF’s 51 Squadron took the battle to the heart of Hitler’s Germany, from the first day of the bomber offensive to the last. Andrew Thomas describes how the unit fought through, despite its appalling losses.

Life Under Fire
Germany’s leaders and its civilians began preparing for Allied bombing in the early 1930s. Lisa Marie Waldmann outlines how the German Air Raid Protection Services operated during the Second World War.

Valour of the Highest Kind
Nick Van Der Bilj tells the story of a Commando who made the ultimate sacrifice to cover his comrades during the almost forgotten Cold War conflict in Borneo.

SAS – The First Airdrop
The legendary Special Air Service was carried into its first operation by antiquated RAF Bombay bomber-transports, as Tom Spencer details with help from Gavin Mortimer.

Danger over the Med
Tom Spencer analyses the dangers faced by RAF Canberra reconnaissance crews during the Suez operations of 1956.

No Surrender: The Rescue of HMS Spearfish
In the opening weeks of the Second World War, one British submarine commander and his men found themselves in a desperate situation. John Ash charts how HMS Spearfish and her crew narrowly escaped a watery grave in 1939.

Sharing the Passion
The Second World War control tower at the former RAF North Creake aerodrome has been painstakingly restored by a couple with a love of history, and it’s now open for overnight visitors. Nigel Price ventured to North Norfolk to investigate.

Beaufighters On the Prowl
Chris Goss explains 252 Squadron’s Bristol Beaufighter operations over southern Europe during the war in the Mediterranean.


Great War Awards
Our look at the honours listed in the London Gazette during the final days of the Great War, November 1918.

Hero of the Month
Lord Ashcroft continues his regular series. This month he focuses on airman Ferdinand West VC.


Historic First For New Carrier
British Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightnings have landed on the Royal Navy’s new aircraft carrier for the first time, almost 100 years after the first ever full-length flight deck landing.

Farewell Sea King
The last British Sea King helicopters, the Royal Navy’s ASaC variants, bow out with a farewell flight.

CWGC Exhibition
The CWGC launch their new online expo.


Recon Report
The latest book releases and products are scrutinised by the Britain at War team. This issue’s Book of the Month is The Man Who Built the Swordfish, a biography of Sir Richard Fairey.

Image of War
Our first ‘Image of War’ takes you to the heart of dusty Afghanistan, as a column of the Welsh Guards comes under fire in 2009.

Image of War
Our second photographic glimpse of the past shows Britain’s last battleship, HMS Vanguard, in her prime.

Militaria Collecting
Austin J Ruddy reviews the wide variety of surprisingly colourful and interesting collectable objects and ephemera produced by the Ministry of Food during World War Two.

RAF 100 Image
Our special series that marks the RAF’s 100 years of service reaches the 2000s, and the Eurofighter Typhoon’s brush with the Russians.

Readers’ letters and views with details of next month’s issue

First World War In Objects
Martin Mace recounts how the humble poppy became our symbol of remembrance.


First World War Diary
Our final ‘at a glance’ monthly analysis of the Great War charts the prevailing actions that took place around the world in November 1918.

Capitulation at Scapa
Germany’s massive navy collapsed amid a mutiny and ultimately surrendered without a fight, as Allan George outlines.

The Last Battle
Historian Peter Hart talks us through the ‘final push’ on the battlefield that finally broke the Kaiser’s forces.

Signing the Armistice
Allan George gives an overview of how the ‘war to end all wars’ was concluded in a railway carriage in a forest clearing just north of Paris.

Life After the Trenches
The troops expected to go home after the war ended in November 1918 – sadly this wasn’t the case for a great percentage of men on the Western Front. After years of fighting, thousands had to serve on in the army of occupation. Michael Foley tells all.

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