Britain at War - October 2018

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Hurry to Berlin
Charlie Haines and Matt Curry detail the massive and often dangerous Allied effort to sustain West Berlin by air after it was effectively besieged by the Soviets.

The Right Thing to Do
In a Britain at War exclusive, Berlin Airlift veteran pilot Gerry Abrahams speaks to Melody Foreman about his role flying a civilian freighter to sustain the cut-off German capital.

Dagger Bradford and the ‘Cutlass Crew’
The rise of the daring and resourceful Donald Bradford, one of the greatest commanders of the Royal Navy Coastal Forces, is charted by Steve Snelling.

Cassino: Interlude in the Mountains
Desperate fighting in the mountains and hills of the central Italian highlands, waged for much of 1944, is detailed by Richard Doherty.

London’s Hidden Wartime History
Steve Hunnisett offers this fascinating tour of the British capital’s wartime past and shows the legacy of that history remains easy to view.

RAF Commemoration in St Omer
The French city of St Omer has done much to commemorate the RAF’s centenary. Rob Pritchard went along to find out why and to see how the city has marked its association with the force.

Fighting Spirit
In a second Britain at War exclusive this month, D-Day veteran Jim Booth – the man who ‘guided the way’ to Normandy – tells Gavin Mortimer about his incredible campaign.

Battle Flight: Hunters
Group Captain Nigel Walpole regales Britain at War with a colourful first-hand account serving as part of the Germany-based 2nd Tactical Air Force during the early Cold War.


Great War Awards
Our look at the awards listed in the London Gazette reaches October 1918.

Hero of the Month
Lord Ashcroft details the story of Lieutenant Thomas Fasti Dinesen VC.


Historic Spitfire
A combat veteran Spitfire on its first post-restoration test flight.

Battle of Britain Hurricane
A shot down Hurricane lifts off after a lengthy rebuild.

UK Wreck Probe
The UK defence secretary calls for an investigation into alleged illegal activity.

Naval Artefact
The UK PM presents SS Mendi’s bell to the South African President.


Image of War
The end of the line – a vintage photograph from the trenches at Nieuwpoort Bains, Belgium, taken in September 1917.

Image of War
Our second snapshot of life in the British military focuses on the Royal Navy destroyer HMS Broadsword firing her guns during a training exercise in the Mediterranean.

Recon Report
The latest book releases are reviewed by the Britain at War team. This issue’s Book of the Month is a highly detailed new work about the role played by the RAF’s Bomber Command during the dark days of World War Two.

RAF 100 Image
Britain at War’s special series to mark the RAF’s 100th birthday reaches the 1990s – a time of great change following the end of the Cold War.

First World War Diary
Your ‘at a glance’ monthly analysis of the Great War details the events of October 1918, looking at the tactical situation as the conflict drew to a conclusion.

Militaria Collecting
Austin J Ruddy casts an eye on the variety of literature associated with the British Home Guard.

Readers’ letters and views with details of next month’s issue.

First World War In Objects
Martin Mace describes an all too familiar item presented to families during the Great War – a ‘Dead Man’s Penny’.