Britain at War - August 2018

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Eagles Over Husky
Alexander Fitzgerald-Black studies the role and involvement of Allied air power over the Sicily landings and challenges the view that, while successful, they were wholly effective in preventing deadly attacks on the invasion force.

Long Road To Victory
Canada’s official historian for the war in Afghanistan, Dr. Sean M. Maloney, describes the months-long Canadian Army operation, that he witnessed, to bring stability to a rural region of Afghanistan that had become a remote, IED-strewn, hotbed of insurgency.

Luftwaffe Lambasted
Britain at War regular, Chris Goss, details the loss of three German aircraft off the Middlesbrough coast in actions that led to the first Luftwaffe air crew to be taken prisoner in Britain.

Bomber Command's Big Week
The ‘Big Week’, it was to be a massive all-out assault to, once and for all, defeat the Luftwaffe in the air. James Holland delves into the history behind the preceding weeks and months that set the scene for that decisive engagement.

Master of Suspense
Better known as a film distributor, Harold Auten was also a naval hero. Steve Snelling recounts the story of this Great War VC awardee and his incredible tale of subterfuge and intrigue as his ship took on the U-boat terror.

A Front Cover Pilot's Portrait
Mark Hillier tells the story belonging to one famous face whose name you probably have never heard of – the RAF Battle of Britain pilot whose photograph adorned the national press in 1940.

Conflict Archaeology
Robin Schäfer explains the archeological works taking place at Hill 80, and reveals some of the touching and tangible reminders of the bitter struggles for the First World War strongpoint.

Editor’s Choice: Reputations: General Sir John Monash
AWM Historian Dr. Aaron Pegram examines the military career of the Australian General, John Monash, who used combinedarms tactics and detailed planning to great success during the Great War. But, how far can victory be credited to this capable ‘forgotten ANZAC’?

News, restorations, discoveries and events from around the World.

Real To Reel
In this month’s review, Phil Jarman looks at the origins of the morale boosting war film ‘The Way Ahead’ and its depiction of the development of a small unit honed by training and battle.

Image of War
A classic depiction of a moments break from the madness and brutality of trench warfare, as a young ‘Tommy’ gets some kip just yards from the German lines.

Reader’s letters, views and feedback.

First World War Diary
Our ‘at-a-glance’ monthly analysis reaches August 1918, looking at situation as it existed a century ago.

Militaria Collecting
Austin J Ruddy looks at one of the most widely recognised Home Front objects as he delves into the history of British gas masks.

Image of War
The stunning image of a shattered British destroyer after a devastating hit from a torpedo left her missing her entire bow.

Recon Report
Our monthly review of books and products includes the ‘Book of the Month’, a stunning narrative of the conflict at sea during the Second World War.

Great War Gallantry
Our look at the awards listed in the London Gazette reaches August 1918 and includes Lord Ashcroft's 'Hero of the Month'.

RAF 100 Image
This month, our look at the RAF across the last 100 years enters the 1970 with an iconic, and novel, type – the Harrier.

First World War In Objects
This month we look at the First World War tank mask worn by British tankers in battle.