Britain at War - July 2018

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Air Bridge
During the Falklands Conflict the RAF rose to the enormous challenge of rapidly extending the range of its Hercules fleet to get supplies and material down to the South Atlantic, as well as providing an ability to drop Special Forces operatives and other personnel to the Task Force, as John Ash explains.

D For Deception
The extraordinary exploits of a sleight-of-hand Special Force trained to fight with deceit and stealth were crowned by an astounding act of individual bravery during the closing stages of Burma’s ‘Forgotten War’. Steve Snelling charts a story of ingenious endeavour behind enemy lines.

Life and Death in The Battle of Britain
RAF Padre, Guy Mayfield, left an extraordinary record of life at Duxford during the Battle of Britain through the pages of his personal diary. We look at some of the poignant entries from that diary, recently published by the Imperial War Museums.

The Sea Devil
During the Great War, the German Navy used disguised raiding vessels to sink Allied merchant shipping. One of them was the sailing ship Seeadler, pretending to be a Norwegian vessel. By guile, the ship had remarkable success until fate took a hand, as Mark Khan reveals.


Operations Against the Odds
In this month’s extended content, we look at the awe inspiring early days of the Special Forces of Britain, Canada and Australia, and how operatives of elite units such as the SASR and SBS have shaped the battlefields of today and responded to the deadliest threats. Bernd Horn, Karl James and Gavin Mortimer tell the remarkable story.


The Desert Ghost
A Long Range Desert Group Truck, abandoned in the Egyptian Sand Sea during the Second World War, gives rise to its own riddle of the sands with the considerable degree of mystery that surrounds its story and how it got there, as outlined by Kuno Gross and Ian Chard.


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Image Of War
RAF airmen crowd aboard a ship which is evacuating them from France during June 1940, and after Operation ‘Dynamo’ and the mass evacuations from Dunkirk.

Recon Report
Our monthly review of new books and products includes the ‘Book of the Month’, a thought provoking look at the Axis occupation of Europe.

First World War Diary
Our ‘at-a-glance’ monthly analysis follows the progress and key events of the Great War, looking at the situation as it existed 100 years ago during July 1918.

Real to Reel
In this month’s review, Phil Jarman looks at the classic war film ‘The Heroes of Telemark’ and its cinematic depiction of the special forces operations to destroy the German heavy water facilities.

RAF 100 Image
This month, our look at the RAF across 100 years of history reaches the 1960s with a pairing of the iconic Vulcan and English Electric Lightnings.

Militaria Collecting
Continuing our popular militaria series, Austin J Ruddy examines the collecting of WRVS Home Front wartime memorabilia.

Great War Gallantry
The continuation of our look at the awards listed in the London Gazette reaches July 1918 and includes Lord Ashcroft’s regular ‘Hero of the Month’.

First World War in Objects
This month we look at a hand torch from the most successful Royal Naval Air Service patrol airship of the Great War.