Britain at War - May 2018

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‘A Brilliant Fighting Spirit’
When Lt Robert Hampton ‘Hammy’ Gray attacked a Japanese ship in the closing days of World War Two, he displayed exceptional gallantry and ‘a brilliant fighting spirit’. His courage led to the award of what was to be the last VC of the war, as Andrew Thomas relates.

Coward To Hero
Initially branded a coward, and having faced a Court Martial, Irish-born Australian, Dick Kelliher, was determined to clear his name. Steve Snelling explains how he did just that in a display of supreme gallantry in a bloody clash with Japanese troops in the struggle for New Guinea.

Cold War Catastrophe
The harrowing tale of an entirely avoidable Cold War accident, caused when a low-flying RAF Meteor jet fighter tore through the heart of a British market town during the 1950s, is related by Andy Saunders.

Museums Guide
We take a look at a selection of some of the UK’s military museums in our 16-page special feature, covering a range of national collections, independent museums as well as private collections.

Devils In Skirts And Ladies From Hell
Regular Britain at War contributor Rob Schäfer examines the truth behind the tale that German soldiers of the First World War called their kilted Scottish adversaries either ‘Devils in Skirts’ or ‘Ladies from Hell’.

The Forgotten Fleet
As the US Third Fleet turned away from Okinawa in 1945, another fleet headed east across the Bay of Bengal. Thomas McKelvey Cleaver highlights the valued efforts of the forgotten British Pacific Fleet and its aircraft carriers.


Into Thin Air
In December 1944 the world-famous band leader, Major Glenn Miller, disappeared on a flight to France whilst over the English Channel. What became of him, and the circumstances of his demise, have been shrouded in mystery and intrigue ever since. Author and historian Dennis M Spragg casts fresh light on the story.


News, restorations, discoveries and events from around the World.

First World War Diary
Our analysis of the situation as it existed 100 years ago during May 1918.

Image Of War
A stunning action picture of a Royal Marine Commando taking on the Taliban with an anti-tank weapon at the Kajaki Dam.

Real To Reel
In this month’s review, Phil Jarman takes us through one of the most iconic war films of all time: ‘In Which We Serve'

Readers’ letters, views and feedback.

RAF 100 Image
This month, 100 years of RAF history reaches the 1940s with a Typhoon and pilots on D-Day, June 6, 1944.

Militaria Collecting
Continuing his popular collecting series, Austin J Ruddy turns his attention to the area of Women’s Land Army collectables.

Great War Gallantry
The continuation of our look at the awards listed in the London Gazette reaches May 1918 and includes Lord Ashcroft’s regular ‘Hero of the Month’.

Recon Report
Our regular look at newly-published military history books.

Battle Of Britain In Colour
This month, an image of a 32 Squadron Hurricane being turned around between sorties and readied for yet another ‘Scramble’.

First World War in Objects
We take a look at a fascinating souvenir tied to the sinking of the German submarine U-8 in the English Channel during 1915 which became the first enemy submarine sunk in British coastal waters.