Britain at War - April 2018

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The Iris And The Daffodil
One hundred years after the Zeebrugge Raid, Steve Snelling charts the truly remarkable tale of two ordinary Mersey ferries which played a vital and heroic part in the famous operation.

Innovators – Sir Barnes Wallis
In our occasional series looking at the lives of men and women who had a major impact on the course of warfare, Dr Robert Owen throws the spotlight onto Barnes Wallis, the engineer, visionary and patriot who, amongst other achievements, created the ‘bouncing bomb’ of the Dams Raid.

‘Send Us More Shermans…’
One of the most numerous tanks of the Second World War was the iconic and rugged Sherman, one of the most easily recognisable military vehicles of the conflict. Mark Khan charts its use by British and Commonwealth armies.

Zeppelin Overhead!
The first Zeppelin raid on Britain during the First World War took place over East Anglia in January 1915, and by the end of that first year of the air war, twenty such raids had been launched - but not all of them hit London, writes Ian Castle.


Dambuster Special Content
Marking the 75th anniversary of Operation ‘Chastise’ we interview the last British survivor of the attack, Sqn Ldr ‘Johnny’ Johnson, and look at the legacy of the Dambuster raid, its folklore, The Dam Buster film, the ‘bouncing bomb’ and what the famous 617 Squadron went on to do after the operation.


British Steel – Iron Cross
Rob Schaeffer tells the remarkable story of how the German Army turned large numbers of captured British tanks, the Beutepanzer, into tanks that were used against their former owners.

RAF 100

Bravest Of The Brave
Jonathan Falconer looks at the extraordinary career of one of the service’s oft-overlooked photo reconnaissance pilots of the Second World War, ‘Steve’ Steventon.

RAF 100 Image
This month, a stunning image of the Hawker Fury biplanes and their pilots of 43 Squadron, ‘The Fighting Cocks’, pictured at RAF Tangmere during the late 1930s.


News, restorations, discoveries and events from around the World.

First World War Diary
Our ‘at-a-glance’ monthly analysis follows the progress and key events of the Great War, looking at the situation as it existed 100 years ago during April 1918.

Readers’ letters, views and feedback.

Militaria Collecting
Continuing his popular collecting series, Austin J Ruddy turns his attention this month to the fascinating area of Observer Corps and Royal Observer Corps collectables.

Recon Report
We take our regular look at what is new in the world of military history books, including our book of the month which is the new Haynes Manual on the Junkers 87 Stuka.

Great War Gallantry
The continuation of our look at the awards listed in the London Gazette reaches April 1918 and includes Lord Ashcroft’s regular ‘Hero of the Month’.

First World War in Objects
In this centenary month, we look at a touching memorial booklet produced by the family of one of the Zeebrugge Raid casualties.