Britain at War - June 2017

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Black Buck Vulcans to Stanley
At the end of its career as bomber, the Vulcan was called upon to finally go into action in the far-distant South Atlantic. Providing invaluable support, as we explain; the Victor tankers.

Chipmunks over Olympus
The diminutive Chipmunk trainer, well known for its primary role, played a brief but important and unlikely part in the battling of EOKA guerrillas in Cyprus, as Andrew Thomas describes.

Hillman: Storming the D-Day Fortress
Steve Snelling charts a saga of courage and sacrifice as British troops battle to capture the toughest set of German defences on the road to Caen; a strongpoint codenamed ‘Hillman’.

Italy’s Colditz
John Ash explores the immense efforts undertaken by many British senior officers in their bids to escape from Vincigliata Castle, Italy’s ‘Colditz’.

The Battle of Port San Carlos
Falklands veteran and former Intelligence Officer, Nick Van Der Bijl, reveals to Britain at War the inside story behind the landings at San Carlos thirty-five years ago.

“Orders from my Government…”
Against a background of the Royal Navy currently supporting the international response to civil wars in Libya and Syria by providing assistance to refugees, Andy Brockman looks back at the sensitive evacuation of 4,000 children during the Spanish Civil War and the Royal Navy’s role at that time.


‘Watch Out! Watch Out! Missile, Missile…!’
In this objective piece, Argentinian author, Claudio Meunier, pays tribute to the skilled and heroic pilots who tried to defend the ‘Malvinas’, as well as those who fought against them, in an enlightening perspective from ‘the other side’.


News, restorations, discoveries and events from around the World.

Image of War
Our first Image of War this month supposedly takes us to the coast of Northern France in 1940, when a cunning ruse was set by the Luftwaffe.

Your letters, input, and feedback.

Image of War
Our second Image of War showcases an eye-catching photograph captured in one of the British Army’s most recent campaigns.

First World War Diary
Our continuing monthly analysis of the Great War’s key events reaches June 1917, the first American troops arrive in France and London is subjected to heavy bombing.

Great War Gallantry
Our monthly look at the awards as listed in the London Gazette reaches June 1917, and includes another ‘Hero of the Month’ presented by Lord Ashcroft.

War Artists
Phil Jarman explores the controversial works of C R W Nevinson, a futurist artist shaped by the terrible cost of war.

Battle of Britain in Colour
This month’s subject is a fascinating image of the Luftwaffe’s frontline fighter, but in the most unlikely of locations.

Militaria Monthly
Our regular feature on collecting militaria this month looks at collectables related to this nation’s ‘Finest Hour’ – the Battle of Britain in 1940.

Recon Report
Our editorial team scout out the latest titles and products.

First World War in Objects
This month, we look at a rare artefact in the form of a surviving neck-tie from the First World War’s ‘Hospital Blues’ outfit which was worn by soldiers recuperating from wounds, injuries and illness.