Britain at War - May2017

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Spitfire Girl
The story of ATA’s female pilots, in particular the tale of centenarian aviatrix Mary Ellis, who delivered 400 of the iconic Spitfire to RAF bases on the front line, is told by Melody Foreman.

Reputations: General Sir Ian Hamilton
Great War historian, Peter Hart, assesses the career of General Hamilton, a highly capable officer handed the reins of command at what was the career-ending Gallipoli campaign and asks if he was unfairly judged for the results of the disastrous offensive.

Honouring the Fallen
Robert Mitchell returns to Britain at War with a feature marking the significant centenary anniversary of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Stood at the Gates of Hell
Professor of Naval History and regular Britain at War contributor, Eric Grove, looks at Operation Cerberus, the successful German attempt to push three of their major surface ships through the English Channel, and how the flotilla managed to escape the combined efforts of the Royal Navy and RAF.


Special supplement

The special supplement covers the 1000 bomber raid on Cologne, Steve Darlow presents the often harrowing accounts of the brave veterans who participated in the raid.

1000 Bomber Raid Losses
In tribute to the men of Bomber Command, John Ash presents the human cost to the RAF sustained during the raid on Cologne.

Britain at War editor, Andy Saunders, concludes our commemorative coverage of the RAF’s first 1,000 bomber raid, with his thoughts on the valiant efforts of the RAF crews and on those caught under the rain of bombs.


Sandford’s Finest Hour
Britain at War regular Steve Snelling presents a heroic tale of tragedy and triumph as a survivor of one of the worst disasters to befall Britain’s submarine service attempts the impossible in the 1918 raid on the German-held port of Zeebrugge.


News, restorations, discoveries and events from around the World.

Image of War
In our first Image of War in this issue, we are transported to Rutland where a Cold War aircrew rushes to scramble their V-Bomber.

First World War Diary
Our ongoing monthly analysis of the key events of the Great War reaches May 1917.

Image of War
Our second Image of War photograph takes us to wartime Egypt, where New Zealand troops perform the legendary Ka Mate Haka in the desert sands.

Your letters, input, and feedback.

Battle of Britain in Colour
A new regular series presenting images from the epic days of 1940.

Recon Report
Our editorial team scout out the latest military history titles, including our ‘Book of the Month’, an impressive guide to the history and development of the tank.

Great War Gallantry
Our monthly series looking at some of the gallantry awards listed in the London Gazette reaches May 1917, and includes the ‘Hero of the Month’ as selected by Lord Ashcroft.

War Artists
Phil Jarman explores the art of John Piper, a painter with an unusual wartime role.

Militaria Monthly
Mark Khan looks at the collecting of First World War ordnance, including the all-important safety considerations of such collecting.

First World War in Objects
This month we look at the famous ‘Old Bill’ character of the war through his representation in a car mascot.