Britain at War - March 2017

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Decisive Defeat Under the Rising Sun
In our cover story, Professor Eric Grove analyses the battle which saw the sinking of HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse as the British Empire began to fall to the seemingly unstoppable might of the Empire of The Rising Sun.

The Croydon Raid
Simon Parry and Mark Postlethwaite examine a famous Battle of Britain episode, asking who shot down Hptm Walter Rubensdöffer as he led his elite group of aviators when they attacked Croydon Aerodrome in mistake for nearby RAF Kenley.

Superhuman Bravery
Steve Snelling highlights a tale of extreme valour as an experienced commando battles to defy the odds in the ‘Greatest Raid of All’ at St Nazaire, seventy-five years ago this month.

Reputations- General Sir Richard O’Connor; Part 2
In the second and final part of this Reputations feature, John Ash continues his analysis of General O’Connor, exploring why Britain’s premier corps commander could not replicate in Normandy his earlier outstanding desert escapades.

Winged Chariot
In the second of our features on the St Nazaire raid, Peter Lush details the RAF contribution to the ambitious raid and explains why what is sometimes seen as the service’s perceived failure should actually be seen as a great success.

“No Currents to Trouble Him”
John Howell puts forward his case to debunk what he calls the infamous ‘Gallipoli current myth’ and sets out his views as to what really happened during the bloody landings at Anzac Cove.

Lawrence of Arabia’s Bullet
Mark Khan analyses three landmark battlefield archaeological finds, including the supposed discovery of a bullet fired by Lawrence of Arabia, and shows how the conclusions originally asserted are not all they seem.

News, restorations, discoveries and events from around the World.

Image of War
In the first of two Images of War this month, a rare moment of celebration after British soldiers capture a German trench during the Second Battle of the Somme.

Your letters, input and feedback.

Great War Gallantry
Our continuing series looking at some of the awards posted in the London Gazette, this time from March 1917, as Lord Ashcroft also presents his ‘Hero of the Month’.

Image of War
In our second Image of War we present a stunning full-colour line-up of RAF Canberra nuclear-capable bombers photographed during the Cold War.

First World War Diary
A German withdrawal, Tsarist Russia in chaos, American politicians gearing for war and the fall of Baghdad; in our look at the key events of March 1917 we mark a month which changed the course of the war.

Militaria Monthly
In this the first of our regular monthly new series looking at collecting militaria-related items, Peter Arnold examines the highly popular theme of collecting material relating to the epic 1969 war film ‘Battle of Britain’.

Recon Report
Our editorial team scout out and review some of the latest military book titles, with a superb volume covering German air losses over the Irish Republic being voted our Book of the Month.

War Artists
In Phil Jarman’s continuing popular series he focuses this month on the remarkable war artist Dame Laura Knight and showcases some stunning examples of her versatile talent.

First World War in Object
This month, a commemorative printed tissue paper handkerchief produced to commemorate the death of Lord Kitchener and the men on HMS Hampshire. Few of these delicate souvenirs survive.