Britain at War - January 2017

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A Duel of Aces
When Canadian fighter pilot ‘Johnny’ Kent found himself in a dogfight over the Kent coast during November 1940 he knew that he was up against a seasoned veteran of air fighting in what was to be a deadly duel to the death, as Andy Saunders explains.

No Greater Love
With a Bible in one hand and a Thompson submachine gun in the other, saintly and unorthodox resistance hero, Hugh Seagrim GC, selflessly gave all for the Karen peoples of Burma and the British Empire. Steve Snelling takes up his story.

Victory Through The Lens: Pt 2
Mark Barnes highlights the bravery of war photographers as he shares the second part of his selection of unique photographs taken on the frontline by men armed with only a camera.

A Disgraceful Episode
Andy Saunders details the story of a Victoria Cross earned in a British harbour during 1940 when a powerful and potentially Stuka-busting warship fell victim to the very aircraft it was designed to counter.

Married in Belsen
James Luto relates the extraordinary story of a veteran’s war from the beaches of Normandy to the liberation of the Concentration Camp in Belsen and his subsequent wedding at that infamous place.

Long Max
The discovery of a series of photographs prompted Chris Goss to investigate the story of the massive German Long Max gun of the Great War.

Reputations: Ivor Maxse
John Ash highlights the career of General Ivor Maxse. Much admired within military circles, he is an otherwise forgotten officer who had the potential to change how the British fought in the Great War.

The Battle of Spurn Head
Alastair Goodrum explores the tactical choices behind the success that was the RAF’s first big fighter engagement of the Second World War, examining how the British could well have achieved greater success in their victory.

Steel and Sand
Robin Schäfer and Knight’s Cross veteran Günther Halm tell the latter’s remarkable story of one German soldier’s perspective of battling the British in the Northern Sahara in an exclusive feature for Britain at War.

News, restorations, discoveries and events from around the World.

Image of War
In the first of this month’s Image of War presentations, a German fighter ace basks in the glory of his growing tally of victories and the award of a Knight’s Cross.

First World War Diary
Our look at the key events of the Great War reaches January 1917. Haig receives promotion, Germany gambles with the USA, and Maude gains in Mesopotamia.

Great War Gallantry
Our monthly analysis of some of the awards listed in the London Gazette reaches January 1917 and Lord Ashcroft selects his ‘Hero of the Month’.

Your letters, input and feedback.

War Artists
In the first of a new series, Britain at War regular contributor Phil Jarman explores the work of sculptor Henry Moore as he recorded Londoners sheltering from falling bombs during the Blitz.

Recon Report
Our monthly round-up of new products and publications includes our Book of The Month which is an astonishingly detailed look at the harrowing story of the infamous Nazi ‘Death Camps’.

Image of War
In our second Image of War photograph this month, American salvage workers begin operations on a Pearl Harbor warship lost during the deadly raid of 7 December 1941.

First World War Object
Postcards sold in aid of blinded soldiers at St Dunstan’s are the subject of this month’s object from the Great War.

Ghost Ships
John Ash looks into the mystery surrounding seven Allied warship wrecks of the Second World War that have recently ‘vanished’ from the bottom of the Java Sea.