Britain at War - December 2016

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The Day of Infamy
Robert Mitchell takes a close look at the point where Britain’s war finally changed following the infamous Japanese attack on the US Naval base at Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941.

‘Fate Decided Otherwise…’
Andy Saunders brings us the tragic account of a volunteer American fighter pilot in one of the RAF’s Eagle Squadrons, coincidentally killed over Belgium on 7 December 1941 – the day of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Veteran of Valour – Hong Kong VC
Steve Snelling highlights a tale of desperate and bloody courage as the only other-rank soldier to have served in both wars and to have won a VC in the Second is thrown into the brutal struggle against the Japanese for control of Hong Kong.

Victory Through The Lens
Mark Barnes highlights the bravery of war photographers as he shares a selection of unique and iconic photographs taken on the frontline by men armed with only a camera.

Spitfire Squadron Down Under
Andrew Thomas takes up the tale of British and Australian Spitfires sent to protect the strategically vital port of Darwin from Japanese air attack and a feared invasion of Australia in early

Prelude to Pearl Harbor
John Ash analyses the origins of Japan’s potent early-war strike capability and sheds light on the plucky British raid on Taranto which inspired them, examining why both operations left their respective navies wanting.

Stealing Away
Great War Historian Peter Hart details the dangerous evacuation of the Royal Naval Division from the shores of the Gallipoli Peninsula.  Beware the Tormented Lion Andy Saunders relates the story of an auxiliary fighter unit, Scotland’s own 602 (City of Glasgow) Squadron, and their hardfought battle with the Luftwaffe at the height of the Battle of Britain.


Commemorative Events 1916-2016
Our editorial team and editorial correspondents look back on a year of commemoration, revisiting some of the key moments of 1916 marked throughout 2016.

Editor’s Choice

Chocolate Soldiers
Britain at War magazine’s youngest contributor, Joshua Dine, takes a look at the varied activities of the Cadbury chocolate company during the Second World War and the diversity of goods produced at their Bournville factory.


News, restorations, discoveries and events from around the World.

First World War Diary
December 1916 and the third year of the Great War draws to its close as any conclusion to the conflict seems far away. Despite major but costly Allied successes along the Western Front and at sea the war continues with increasing ferocity.

Your letters, input and feedback.

Great War Gallantry
Our monthly look at the awards gazetted in the London Gazette reaches December 1916, and another ‘Hero of the Month’, a Victoria Cross recipient, is selected by Lord Ashcroft.

Recon Report
The editorial team brings to you reviews on two new board games and an array of new books just in time for Christmas!

War Posters
Phil Jarman analyses the work of Frank Brangwyn, the artist so controversial that his graphic and harrowing works allegedly led to a bounty being placed on his head by the German Kaiser.

WW1 in Objects
The fascinating autograph album of a Volunteer Aid Detachment nurse is this month’s object from the Great War.