Britain at War - November 2016

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A Soldier of The Leicesters
In an appropriate Remembrance Month feature, Mark Khan goes behind the scenes to report on efforts to identify and duly honour the recently discovered remains of a Great War soldier of the Leicestershire Regiment.

Wing-Walking Firefighter
John Ash tells the story of one young man’s extreme bravery, and of New Zealand’s first VC of the war and the only VC to a Wellington crewman, as Sgt James Ward climbs out onto the wing of his burning bomber TO EXTINGUISH THE FLAMES.

Machine Gun Medicine
Great War historian Peter Hart explores the story behind a reconstructed Great War Bristol Scout fighter with an amazing family connection between its original pilot and its restorers.

Hastings U-Boats
Joshua Dine looks at the intriguing tale behind a series of postcards that show two First World War submarines which ran aground on the beach at Hastings in East Sussex.

At Point Blank Range
Professor of Naval History Eric Grove returns to Britain at War to explain his theory as to how the 36,000 tons of the powerful British battleship HMS Barham capsized and blew up in just four short minutes. .

The Legend of Jock
The lion-hearted Boys Own tale of desert VC hero Brigadier Jock Campbell is the subject of Steve Snelling’s feature in which he details how the courageous officer averted what would have been a decisive victory for Rommel.

Americans in the Home Guard
John Lockwood explains how a group of American citizens in London, against all the ‘rules’, contributed their bit to the defence of Great Britain.

Victories of The Other ‘Few’
Chris Goss tells the story of those pilots who scored victories in the landmark Battle of Britain and yet, despite their achievements, were not recognised as being amongst Churchill’s illustrious ‘Few’.


The Wolf’s Ravine
We explore the recently restored Belgian command post from where Hitler watched the progress of the invasion of France.


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Great War Gallantry
We continue our monthly look at medal awards announced in the London Gazette, turning our attention to November 1916. Lord Ashcroft also selects his ‘Hero of the Month’..

First World War Diary
Our continuing analysis of the Great War’s key events reaches November 1916, where the largest ship to be sunk in the conflict meets her end, a British colonel single-handily destroys the oil industry of an ally, and the ghastly Battle of the Somme comes to an end.

Image of War
The King and The Fortress. King George VI visits USAAF crews operating from bases in the UK and inspects a B-17 Flying Fortress of the 8th Air Force.

Recon Report
Our editorial team reviews new books and publications and select their Book of the Month, a detailed study of the first tank crews, published to mark the centenary of the tank.

War Posters
Phil Jarman continues his series analysing wartime propaganda posters, this month looking at a legend of the design world, Tom Eckersley, whose career was kicked-started by his remarkable part in the war effort.

The First World War in Objects
This month’s object from the Great War is a toy tank bank.