Britain at War - September 2016

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Suicide, Subterfuge and Salvage
David J B Smith investigates the forgotten story of the German battleship Graf Spee and the espionage and salvage of her unusual anti-aircraft guns, once left abandoned at Devonport, and now only existent in recently discovered photographs.

Zeppelin Down
In our cover story this month, Ian Castle marks the anniversary of Lt William Leefe Robinson's VC action over South East England when he famously became the first to down a German airship over British soil.

Expedition to Russia
Andy Thomas concludes his two-part series on the RAF in Russia in his study the RAF’s 81 Squadron and their heroic exploits on the Eastern Front.

King of the Jebel
Steve Snelling brings us the story of Britain’s ‘Second Lawrence of Arabia’, the daring and audacious commando leader, John Haselden, the man who found Rommel.

The Wasbies: Frontline Women
The often overlooked contribution of the Wasbies in Burma is explained by Anne Cuthbertson, who details their brave and dangerous efforts to keep British troops fed and watered.

Front Lines
The vitally important role of the men and women of the Post Office, both at home and on the Western Front, is explained by John Wright.

Outward Bound
John Grehan investigates Britain’s unusual secret weapon in the strategic bombing campaign against Germany, which had surprisingly effective results!

Gunners at Tobruk: 1941
Peter Hart returns to the Tobruk perimeter and rejoins the South Notts Hussars, who battled the monotony of siege and harsh Saharan environment just as much as they did their Axis besiegers.


Trafalgar Square: Tank 100
John Ash reports on The Tank Museum’s spectacular plans to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the tank, including recreating history by positioning a Great War tank in London’s Trafalgar Square.


News, restorations, discoveries and events from around the World.

War Posters
Phil Jarman continues our series on wartime propaganda posters, this time analysing the career of Carl Giles and his famous Ministry of Information poster that encouraged sparing use of the railways.

First World War Diary
Our continuing month-by-month look at the key events of the First World War arrives at September 1916 as the bloody Somme Offensive continues and an airborne invader is decisively tackled.

Image of War
Target England! The crew of a Luftwaffe bomber prepare for a Battle of Britain strike on an RAF airfield.

Recon Report
New military history titles are reviewed by our editorial team.

Your letters, input and feedback.

Great War Gallantry
Our monthly look at gallantry awards announced in the London Gazette reaches September 1916 and includes another ‘Hero of the Month’ as selected by Lord Ashcroft.

The First World War in Objects
This month’s object from the Great War is the National Registration Certificate.