Britain at War - April 2016

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Living with the Enemy
Brian Bates details what it was like to live in the historic Dorset town of Dorchester after German Prisoners of War had been moved in to a nearby barracks.

Gross Dereliction of Duty
In June 1940 a Boulton Paul Defiant broke up in mid-air and crashed ten days after sustaining damage in battle over Dunkirk. Thankfully, the two crew escaped. Andy Saunders relates the unusual story and investigates the cause.

The Wrong Man
A case of mistaken identity with potentially tragic consequences, Steve Snelling highlights the brave career of a British fisherman-turned-hero who narrowly escaped a German death sentence.

Forewarned is Forearmed
In the first part of our 75th anniversary tribute to the Royal Observer Corps, Alexander Nicol details the vital role played by the Corps during the nation’s ‘Finest Hour’ and through to the war’s end.

Imperial War Museum historian Peter Hart analyses the career and the conduct of Lieutenant-General Sir Aylmer Hunter-Weston during the Gallipoli Campaign and at the Battle of the Somme.

Limping Home
Chris Goss presents a set of unusual photographs from the Blitz, depicting battle-damaged German aircraft which made it home by the very narrowest of margins.


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Image of War
A photo of the lost property office at a busy London railway station presents a surprising depiction of what was sometimes left behind on wartime trains.

Recon Report
Our editorial team scout out and review new titles, including our ‘Book of the Month’ on the fascinating subject of the Long Range Desert Group.

First World War Diary
In our monthly look at the key events of the First World War we arrive at April 1916 as the largest surrender of British troops since the American War of Independence takes place and a Nationalist uprising in Ireland poses a serious threat to Britain’s war aims.

War Posters
Continuing our recent series, Phil Jarman turns the spotlight on a Woman’s Land Army poster encouraging women to take to the fields and feed Britain.

Great War Gallantry
The gallantry awards of April 1916 listed in the London Gazette highlight a newly instituted decoration, the Military Medal, and Lord Ashcroft presents his ‘Hero of the Month’.

The First World War in Objects
We take a look at an odd war souvenir – a German bullet extracted from the leg of a wounded soldier.


War Graves Found and Marked
We look at two First World War Jewish war graves that have been appropriately marked 100 years on and a Second World War WAAF's grave that had been 'lost'.