Airliner World - February 2016

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Airliner World’s comprehensive coverage of worldwide news, including a potential change of launch customer for the Airbus A320neo, the British Government delays its decision on a third runway at Heathrow, Boeing rolls out the prototype 737 MAX and Canadian carrier Buffalo Airways suspends operations.

Twenty Years of Innovation
European low-cost carrier easyJet celebrated its 20th anniversary by unveiling a new aircraft livery and high-tech uniforms.

Russia’s Long-Haul Wonder
The intercontinental Ilyushin Il-62 linked the far-flung corners of the Soviet Union, and the world, to Moscow.

Hamburg Airport
Gateway to Northern Germany.

Stargazing with SOFIA
NASA’s billion dollar aeroplane is the world’s only flying observatory.

Training, Modelling and Simulation
Manchester-based EDM is at the cutting edge of door, cabin and emergency evacuation training systems.

Airbourne Colours
The British aircraft repainting specialist has ambitious plans for the future.

The Struggle for Survival
Air Marshall Islands is battling against increasing financial constraints and falling passenger traffic.

Aviodrome Lelystad
The aviation museum is the biggest in the Netherlands.

Aviation Security
The recent loss of a Russian Airbus A321 in Egypt has brought aviation security to the fore once again.

The latest commercial acquisitions.

MRO News
Updates from maintenance, repair and overhaul providers.

Aviation Training
A round-up of recent developments.

Departure Gate
A selection of readers’ comments and photographs.

Air Safety
Up-to-date accident reports and crash information.

The Smiling Eskimo
Alaska Airlines is combining excellent customer service and innovative technology to cement its position as a major domestic carrier.