Airliner World - October 2012

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 32-Page Airbus Special Supplement
Celebrating 30 years since the first flight of the A300, this special section features:

History and Construction

Where Airbuses are assembled.

The first two products off the Airbus line.

A300-600ST Beluga
Specially built to carry wings and fuselages.

A320 Family
The company’s best-selling narrowbody.

Long-haul products.

A380 Superjumbo
New-generation aircraft

A350 and Future Projects
The next design developments and future concepts.

Also in this issue:

Delta Air Lines
The world’s largest international carrier.

Airliner World’s comprehensive coverage of worldwide news.

Monarch Aircraft Engineering
One of Europe’s leading MRO companies.

Monarch Enthusiasts’ trip
With the airline on a visit to Milan.

Baghdad Airport Snapshot
Rare images of stored and active aircraft from Iraq.

Norwich International Airport
Vital oil and gas-related hub. 

Air cargo to Africa.

Olympic Snapshot
Some of the visitors for the London Summer Olympics.

and much more!