Airliner World - August 2012

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FREE Boeing 747-8 Poster
This stunning, high-quality poster details the current orders for Boeing's new 747-8 along with a timeline of production and detailed aircraft specifications.

Airliner World’s comprehensive coverage of worldwide news, including a picturespread with a sporting theme (the Olympics, rugby and football) plus a look at Air Transat’s new interior.

bmi Flies Into History
The final countdown – 75 years of history comes to an end.

Wind Tunnel Testing
How a new aircraft coating could save airlines money.

Estonian Air
Waking the sleeping beauty.  The secrets behind the carrier’s success.

Boeing 720 – Final Landing
The end of the line for Honeywell’s engine test-bed.

Bristol Britannia
The ‘Whispering Giant’ celebrates its 60th anniversary.

Zvartnots Airport
Armenia’s international gateway in Yerevan 

North Korea
A glimpse behind closed doors.

‘View From Above’ John F Kennedy
All the action from New York’s busiest hub.

The latest commercial acquisitions.

Air Safety
Up-to-date accident reports and the most recent crash information.

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