Airliner World - July 2012

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Airliner World’s comprehensive coverage of worldwide news, including a picture spread from Toncontín International Airport in Honduras and a report from the delivery flight of Lufthansa’s first Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental.

1,000th ATR Delivery
Airliner World reports from Toulouse.

EBACE 2012
A report from this year’s European Business Aircraft Convention and Exhibition at Geneva.

Virgin’s New Interior
With the carrier as it showcases the new cabin of the Airbus A330.

Douglas DC-10 – Iconic Trijet
The history and development of the wide-body that was regularly at the forefront of news.

easyJet A320 at Newcastle
Onboard the first flight to Belfast and back.

The World’s Busiest Airports
We analyse the latest Airports Council International’s top 30 airport listing.

Aviation in Comoros
The tiny Indian Ocean archipelago, where aviation has become an essential part of daily life.

‘Sully’ and a DC-7
A flight in a classic propliner with the pilots of the Airbus that ditched in the Hudson River.

London/Oxford Airport
Dealing with increases in traffic for the London 2012 Olympics and news of a new airline service.

‘View From Above’ – Johannesburg
Air-to-ground images of the major South African hub.

The latest commercial acquisitions.

Aviation Training
A review of recent developments.

Departure Gate
A selection of readers’ comments and photographs.

Duty Free
The latest watches, books, DVDs, accessories and models.

Air Safety
Up-to-date accident reports and the most recent crash information.

Turkish Airlines
Dynamic Trader – how the carrier continues to fend off the effects of the global financial downturn.