Airliner World - November 2003

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Airliner World's comprehensive 19-page coverage of worldwide events - plus a report from the ERA Assembly in Dublin, including the prizewinners.

Sofia Airport
Bulgaria's oldest and largest international airport, aiming to become a significant hub in the Balkans.

BKS Air Transport
The British regional airline that was eventually taken over by British Airways.

Captain Fantastic - BA's Director of Flight Operations, Lloyd Cromwell Griffiths, Chief Pilot at British Airways.

Jordan Aviation
The country's first private airline, plus a flight on its Boeing 707.

Sao Paulo/Guarulhos
A photo essay compiled during a brief visit in 1986.

Air Slovakia
An EXCLUSIVE report from Bratislava on the Slovakian airline's expansion into the long-haul sector following the recent arrival of its first Boeing 757.

Flight Simulation
The latest in computer games. PLUS a chance to win a copy of 'The Airline Business Simulation - Airline 5'.

Avro 748
The history and development of this British turboprop utility transport.

A selection of readers' comments and photographs, plus Century of Flight competition nominations for events, Spotting Spot (Dublin), Airline's Ten Commandments and Airliner Deliveries.

High Utilisation of a B737 with Astraeus
One of the UK's leading independent charter operators with one of the most highly-utilised fleet of aircraft.