Airliner World - September 2003

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Airliner World's comprehensive 19-page coverage of worldwide events.

Aeroflot's 80th Anniversary
A history of this once huge Russian airline.

Chicago-based airframe and engine spares organisation.

Almaty Snapshot
A Kazak airport, located close to the Tien Shan mountain range.

Polynesian Snapshot
The airports of this South Sea Islands' chain.

Dallas Airport Update

BAC One-Eleven
As the type passes its 40th anniversary, we look at its development.

End of an Antonov
The final resting place of an An-12 in Africa.

Iceland Express
New low-cost rival to Icelandair.

This Spanish island is the only one within the Canary archipelago to operate two airports.

A selection of readers' comments and photographs, plus Century of Flight competition nominations, Spotting Spot (Lanzarote) and airliner deliveries.

Au Revoir ATR
As the type finishes service with British Airways, a review of its operations in BA colours.