Airports of the World - July-Aug2018

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Detailed news coverage from the global airport scene.

Snapshot – China
The People’s Republic of China - one of the final frontiers for aviation enthusiasts - began to open up in the 1980s as organised tours became available. Robbie Shaw headed behind the Bamboo Curtain in 1987 to discover the fascinating variety of aircraft on offer.

UK Airport Visitors
Our readers’ gallery, featuring a selection of the more interesting aircraft that have recently visited UK airports.

We explain some of the abbreviations and acronyms that regularly appear in the pages of Airports of the World.


Expanding the mountain hub
Salt Lake City International is part-way through a massive redevelopment programme. Sebastian Schmitz reports from Utah.

Sittin’ on the dock of the bay
An airport with a floating terminal and no runway is making waves in British Columbia. Tony Dixon checks out its green credentials and finds out why it’s so important to the islanders.

Goodbye Kai Tak, and thank you
Kai Tak closed in the early hours of July 6, 1998. To mark the 20th anniversary of the game-changing event in Asia’s world city, we review what made Hong Kong’s old airport so special to aviation fans from across the globe.

The flight of their lives
In most departure lounges there will be someone sitting nervously in a corner. A few of them will leave without ever taking to the air. Tony Mallett visited Leeds Bradford Airport to find out how Virgin Atlantic Airways is helping travellers overcome a fear of flying.

Baltic holiday haven
A small facility in western Lithuania is one of the fastest-growing airports in Europe. Sebastian Schmitz visits the Baltic coast to discover why.

Londonderry Air
City of Derry Airport celebrated its 40th anniversary last year. But after years of investment and steady growth, challenging times now lie ahead. Declan Hasson reflects on its history and considers the future of the award-winning facility.

Good view
Boa Vista is the third largest landmass in the Cape Verde archipelago, a group of ten volcanic islands 280 miles (450km) west of Senegal, Africa. Marcus Steidele presents a selection of images from its up and coming airport.

Making flying easy
Avalon is familiar to many as a name in Arthurian legend or a song by Roxy Music. Managers at a fast-growing airport in Victoria are hoping its pleasant passenger experience will be equally memorable to Australian travellers. Chris Frame reports from Geelong.

Cargo masters
As night falls most airfields quieten down, but one airport in the United Kingdom is just getting into its stride. Andy Martin visits East Midlands to find out why it is so busy during the hours of darkness.