Airports of the World - Mar-April 2018

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Detailed news coverage from the global airport scene.

Snapshot - Florida
In the late 1970s, local service air carriers were flying non-trunk routes in the USA. Most of them operated piston-engined airliners, but a few had acquired first-generation jets. In the autumn of 1978, Ron Mak discovered that Florida was a great place to see their aircraft.

UK Airport Visitors
Our readers’ gallery – featuring a selection of the more interesting aircraft that have recently visited UK airports.

Postcard from Istanbul
Marcus Steidele shares some pictures taken from the Flyinn Shopping Centre, close to the soon to close Atatürk Airport in Istanbul.

We explain some of the abbreviations and acronyms that regularly appear in the pages of Airports of the World.


Muscat – a new beginning
Muscat Airport has struggled with a small, overcrowded and outdated terminal for many years, but all that is about to change. Luigi Vallero previews what is to come.

35 days last summer
During mid-2017, Kaunas emerged from the shadow of the bigger and busier airport serving Lithuania’s capital. Sebastian Schmitz explains what happened and why.

Wrocław - Polish champion
Copernicus Airport Wrocław is riding a wave that started with the low-fare revolution. Sebastian Schmitz reviews its history and learns about its prospects.

The best small airport in Europe
Who would guess that in 2018 there’s an international airport in Europe with grass runways? Sebastian Schmitz visits Texel, on the largest of the West Frisian Islands in the Netherlands.

Green champions
Aviation’s route to improved environmental credentials has been long and arduous, but it has been vital for the industry to manage the challenge posed to our planet. Tony Mallett finds out how Helsinki Airport has achieved carbon neutrality.

Vancouver Island’s secret
Almost a fifth of the population of British Columbia lives on Vancouver Island. Tony Dixon found that Victoria, the province’s capital, is a thriving metropolis with a busy airport.

Andalusian holiday hotspot
Slap on some sunscreen, tuck into some tapas and have a drink in a local chiringuito, as Renato Serra Fonseca reviews the history of Málaga, Spain’s fourth busiest airport.

Spotlight on Kazakhstan

The capital of Kazakhstan has recently been nicknamed the ‘Dubai of the Steppe’, and it’s possible to understand the comparison if you’re prepared to swap extreme heat for cold, as Matteo Legnani found out.

Almaty was the original capital of Kazakhstan, a role that has recently been usurped by Astana. None the less, Matteo Legnani discovered that its airport remains the busiest in the country.