Airports of the World - Nov/Dec 2016

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Andy Martin visits Southampton, which prides itself on allowing passengers to Breeze Through.

Sebastian Schmitz lands on a runway made from metal plates in the Russian Arctic.

Vancouver Harbour
Sebastian Schmitz spends time at an airport that handles a quarter of a million passengers – without a runway.

Amsterdam Schiphol
The world’s 14th busiest airport is 100 years old. Andy Martin reviews its first century.

Luigi Vallero reports from what was once Mafia territory, in Sicily.

Finnovation in Helsinki
Tony Mallett takes a trip to Helsinki to find out how the Finns are innovating in their own stylish way.

Münster Osnabrück
A holiday airport in western Germany is profiled by Sebastian Schmitz.

Chris Frame takes a look at the airport serving the Australian capital.


Detailed news coverage from the global airport scene.

News Special 1
Santa Monica under threat.

News Special 2
Recovery after the attacks on Brussels.

News Special 3
The last day for Mirabel’s terminal.

Snapshot – Ras Al Khaimah
Ron Mak walks around a Middle Eastern paradise crammed full of old Soviet transport aircraft.

UK Airport Visitors
Our readers’ gallery – featuring a selection of the more interesting aircraft that have recently visited UK airports.

We explain some of the abbreviations and acronyms that regularly appear in the pages of Airports of the World