Airports of the World - July/August 2007

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Heathrow's New Tower
Bruce Hales-Dutton examines the new addition to the Heathrow skyline.

Banjul - Gateway to The Gambia (inc Travel spot)
Charles Tyler reports from Africa on an airport with great potential.

Menorca - Spanish Expansion
Frederik Naumann visits the expanding and well-performing airport on Spain's easternmost island.

San Francisco's Golden Gateway (inc Travel Spot)
The Editor visits San Francisco International Airport and discovers why it is so popular with airlines and their passengers, and why it is set to attract more overseas traffic.

KLIA - Asian Award Winner
Levent Bergkotte visits Kuala Lumpur International Airport and finds out why passengers regard it as among the world's best.

Zaragoza - The Heart of Aragon
The Spanish regional airport at Zaragoza Sanjurjo is enjoying prosperous times, as Geoff Jones recently discovered.

A Tale of Two Airports
One would think that having two airports just 30 miles apart would be counter-productive. But as Thom Jungerman and Marco Finelli found out, this is definitely not the case in the Norfolk area of Virginia.

Guam Micronesia - Western Pacific Hub
Marco Finelli visits A B Won Pat International Airport, the primary gateway to Micronesia.


Detailed news coverage from the global airport scene.

Behind the Scenes: Airport Noise - What Airport Noise?
Airport and aircraft noise is an emotive subject for some, but for most of us it is an inevitable consequence of modern life. The Editor tries to dispel some of the myths and looks at what London/Stansted is doing to minimise the effects.

Airport Tech - CDA - The Environmentally Friendly Acronym
Bruce Hales-Dutton examines the CDA (Continuous Descent Approach) and sees how airports are taking a new(ish) approach to environmental concerns.

Historic Spot - Addis Ababa
A selection of photos from the Ron Mak collection, taken at Addis Ababa Airport, Ethiopia, in January 1988.

UK Airport Movements
Selected traffic movements from around the UK, courtesy of LAASI.

A selection of readers' comments on a variety of subjects covered in the magazine.