Airports of the World - September/October 2006

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Tibet: from Middle Ages to Jet-Age
Jozef Mols examines the mysterious, but fascinating, country of Tibet, now more accessible thanks to an increase in the number of its airports.

Sofia Airport - Towards a Brighter Future
Luigi Vallero reports from Bulgaria's capital, Sofia, on developments at the former Communist state's major airport.

From Bombers to Airliners
Transforming a strategic bomber base into a commercial airport is an enormous task. Mark Nicholls visits the former Plattsburgh Air Force Base to view the work in progress.

Heraklion - Gateway to Crete
Marco Finelli visits the Greek island of Crete - steeped in history and blessed with a superb summer climate - and its main airport of Heraklion.

Warsaw's NBC Package
Warsaw's Frederic Chopin Airport is coming to terms with the threat of international terrorism. David Oliver reports.

Tokyo Narita
Alan Lord reveals the challenges facing Tokyo's Narita International Airport and visits its new South Wing Terminal, which opened in June.

Gallic Caribbean Getaway
On the French Caribbean island of Martinique, Fort-de-France Lamentin Airport has played a key role in the development of tourism and economic activities. Guy Zunino investigates.

Ready to Fly
Paolo Bianchi and Giuseppe De Carli review the rebuilt Italian airport of Cuneo Levaldigi, now ready to welcome new business - but is it in the right place?

Two Falls, Two Airports
The Editor visits the impressive Niagara Falls and finds out what's in store for the area's two under-used international airports.

Ronaldsway - The Isle of Man Airport
Eryl Crump reports from the Isle of Man's sole airport and learns of its modest, well-balanced expansion plans.

Detailed news coverage from the global airport scene.

Behind the Scenes - Achieving the Impossible at Luton
Luton Airport has conducted major runway work in the shortest nightly possessions yet in the aviation industry. Bruce Hales-Dutton reports.

Airport Tech - Fuel to Go
Aviation fuel has been in the news recently for a number of reasons, mostly because of its rising cost. But maintaining reliable supplies to the world's airports is a complex and intriguing operation.

A selection of readers' comments on a variety of subjects covered in the magazine.

UK Airport Movements
Selected traffic movements from around the UK, courtesy of LAASI.