Aviation News - August 2019

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Duxford’s D-Day Dakotas
Imperial War Museum Duxford recently hosted a large number of Douglas DC-3 variants as part of the 75th anniversary of D-Day commemorations. Carl Wrightson was at the Cambridgeshire airfield to witness the spectacle.

Cubana Part 2: Revolutionary Times
Jozef Mols explains how after the Castro revolution the airline had to overcome significant challenges.

‘Square D’ B-17s
Bob Archer tells the story of the ‘Bloody Hundredth’ whose legacy lives on with the 100th ARW.

B-47 – Strategic Stratojet
Flown just over two years after the end of World War Two, the B-47 Stratojet embodied many firsts, both for Boeing and for the USAF. Large numbers were built but its career as a bomber was relatively short, as Lindsay Peacock explains.

Flying the B-1B Lancer
Philip Stevens asks B-1B aircrew about flying the bomber and how they employ its weapons systems.

Pilot and Commander: Buck’s Buffs
From flying nuclear alert missions during the Cuban Missile Crisis to orchestrating B-52 offensive operations for Desert Storm, Lt Gen Ellie ‘Buck’ G Shuler, Jr, USAF (ret’d) spoke to Dr Kevin Wright about the highlights of his 32-year USAF career involving the Stratofortress.

Global Retro Schemes Guide: Part 2
Aviation News presents the second part of our survey of retro schemes currently worn by airliners.

Foxhound to the Fore
Alexander Mladenov looks at the capabilities of the Russian MiG-31 fleet, which has gone through an upgrade and life extension programme.

Blue Islands’ Purple Patch
Bernie Baldwin talks to the CEO of Blue Islands about recent developments at the airline.



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