Aviation News - February 2019

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Aviation Tours Listing 2019
Whether it’s airliner exotica or fast jets rapidly approaching retirement on your ‘hit-list’, Aviation News provides you with detailed listings of this year’s aviation tours.

Pan Am Boeing 707s - Birth of the Jet Clippers
Barry Lloyd details the career of the Boeing 707 with Pan Am.

Flying with easyJet A320s
Martyn Cartledge flies on an easyJet A320neo and A320ceo to get a glimpse into the life of these workhorses.

B-52 Stratofortress - Old Dog, New Engines?
Replacing Stratofortress engines is now a priority for the USAF, as Tom Kaminski explains.

IX (Bomber) Squadron – Tornado Trailblazers
Group Captain Peter Gooding (Ret’d) provides insights into the Tornado’s early RAF career, having commanded the world’s first frontline squadron flying the then new swing-wing bomber.

Tip of the Spear - Flying a Modern-day Legend
Air Commodore Ian Gale talks to editor Dino Carrara about his career as a Tornado pilot, hunting Scud missiles in Iraq and commanding a squadron in Afghanistan.

Tornado - Steadfast Striker
Dino Carrara and Martin Needham detail the bomber’s weapons, upgrades and operations.

Saving an SR-71 - Viggens to the Rescue
Paul F Crickmore details an incident when an SR-71 almost fell into Soviet hands.

Finnair - North to the World
Just months away from Finnair’s 95th anniversary, Kevan James looks back over the history of the Finnish carrier and details its current strategy.



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